The Internet of The World

With the growth of internet, all of Internet Service Provider (ISP) have upgrade their system to support for IPv6 because the IPv4 addresses are now not have much more to provide to users. However, if all people want to use IPv6, it requires all system must to have upgrade to support for IPv6 and this progress is cost a lot of money and equipments.

Many tech company and organization have expanded their business into many market like Google and Facebook try to bring free internet to all of the world with their own way, but same purposes. Google also doing their business in other market such as mobile operating system: Android OS, computer operating system: free ChromeOS, and have plan to integrate a new version of Android into cars: Android for Car.

Google logo

With the development and growing of Google, Microsoft is planning to find the other way to make money from its computer operating system: the Windows OS. In the previous, Microsoft always selling the Windows as license per computer but for now, they need to have backup plan and change the way to make money because their competitors: Google and Apple are giving Chrome OS and Mac OS X as free to users. The next version of Microsoft operating system is the Windows 10 and there are many rumors that Microsoft will release the Windows 10 operating system for free with many new features and security method like two steps verification and authentication.

Mobile & Smartphone Market

The mobile and smartphone market are still in rising with many products from Apple, Samsung, HTC and many others. Based on many platform like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and some others, mobile manufacturers releases a lot of mobile device over the year. People loving more device with bigger screen, higher screen quality and with more powerful like more RAM, more CPU and GPU power.

The market of mobile and market share should to replace the computer soon because most of normal and daily task, the mobile and tablet device can do it very smooth and get no trouble at all. It also provide the flexible solution to users and people love the way it work. More lighter, more easy to bring on the go. And if possible, more battery will be good point.

The price of mobile and computer device are now getting down and you can easy to find a affordable computer like Chromebook for you as low as $200 or lower. And it can do everything like a normal computer did the same for you without delay or any trouble. So with the growth of market, more companies join to the market, the price of parts and components to be cheaper and better.

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